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Space Branding

The concept of space branding refers to how a visual space is created from a brand, in 2D, 3D space or sensory experience.

We believe as designers that generating instagrammable spaces is the solution to brand generation and the reality is that this is not true. The genius of a brand is given by generating experiences and a pleasant memory in the user.

For example, you have a hotel and the user’s need is to generate a space to sleep, so you buy beds, a television, a few sheets, blankets, towels and you think you already have a hotel. But this does not determine the quality or the quantity of clients that you will have in your space.

The branding of a space supports these brands to generate a positive impact on the user, using decorative elements that transport them from a mediocre hotel to a luxury hotel, and this also translates to any space that you want to generate, increasing customers and loyalty of the user.

We are very visual beings and all the time we are in spaces that transmit shapes, textures, lighting and so on. Going to a luxury café in Paris is not the same as sitting down to eat a hotdog in Central Park, the experience is totally different, I would say that the spaces do not clearly translate into large-format things, they are also the spaces that we create in shapes, a shoe, a shirt and a bag can also start from a premise, the space that it forms in relation to something minimal.

Keeping your designers inspired and feeding them these types of visual elements can go a long way in helping them create what you want.


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